Reiki i

In Reiki 1 course you will receive attunements which will raise your human frequency and vibration  in a way that enables you to use and channel it simply by placing your hands for self healing and pass it on to others. 

The one day course teaches you about Reiki history, principles, western and japanese Reiki techniques. The basics of Chakras. Self healing and healing others. Learning the handpositions and exchanging reiki on the day. How to ground and protect.  How to prepare a treatment room, rules and regulations and possible experiences during the treatment. Reiki 1 Certification.

Further use of Reiki  – how you can use Reiki on plants and animals. Applying reiki on food/water, bathing, infusing oils, presents, letters, seeds, crystals.

Cost for Reiki I course: £150

Reiki I Course


Reiki II

Reiki II is a two day workshop. This course is the harmony of the mind and body. In this module you learn to heal using symbols the Power symbol, The Harmony symbol and the Distant / Connection symbol which you get attuned too. You learn and practise using the symbols for self treatment and others. Reiki two is also known as the practitioner level. In this level we teach you to gain confidence on how to give professional treatments. How to work with Reiki beyond time and space. You learn and practise using the symbols both physical hands on  treatments and distant healing. Sending distant treatments to people and situations. Chakra balancing and body scanning. You are also introduced to the angelic realm and how you can incorporate them in treatments. You will learn Advanced energy cleansing techniques and meditation practises.You also learn how to start a reiki practise, exhibit, marketing and professionalism. 
Level 2 Certification
Cost Reiki II £250 / Mobile 1:1 £275

If you would like 1:1 course or would like to spread it over different days please contact me for further information.Master Courses and treatments also available. Please call for course dates.

Reiki II Course